Solution Focused Brief Therapy – SFBT

Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Duration: 2 hours

Synopsis of Solution Focused Brief Therapy – SFBT

Solution Focused Therapy (also known as Solution Focused Brief Therapy – SFBT) is used by many professionals who work in front-facing and direct roles. It is seen as a useful and positive method used to enable individuals to find their own solutions to their own problems. It does not allow the individual to dwell on the past but encourages them to concentrate on a positive future.

This course has been designed for any professional or individual who is interested in the techniques Solution Focused Therapy uses, and who want to gain further understanding and training.

At the end of this course, learners will have developed knowledge and understanding of the history and origins of Solution Focused Therapy, the theory behind the practice, the Solution Focused Therapy model and techniques and the practical application of Solution Focused Therapy.

Course Contents

Module 1: History and Origins

  • The Solutions Focused Approach
  • What is Solutions Focused Therapy?
  • Module Assessment

Module 2: Theory Behind the Practice

  • SFT/SFBT Theory
  • Default Solution Patterns
  • Module Assessment

Module 3: Solution-Focused Techniques

  • The Miracle Question
  • Scaling Questions
  • Exception-Seeking Questions
  • Coping Questions
  • Problem-Free Talk
  • Do One Thing Different
  • Module Assessment

Module 4: Interviewing Techniques

  • Definitive Questioning
  • Module Assessment

Module 5: Case Study

References Focused Brief Therapy Focused Brief Therapy


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