Introduction to Safeguarding Children – Level 1

Introduction to Safeguarding Children
  • Duration: 2 hours

Synopsis of Introduction to Safeguarding Children

The introduction to Safeguarding Children course aims to give all e-learners an understanding of their responsibilities in relation to safeguarding. This course aims to make you feel confident in recognising the possible signs of abuse and the way to report your concerns in a correct and timely manner. The course is devised to cover all key areas of child protection.

At the end of the course, you will be asked to complete a multiple-choice Q&A in relation to the course content to consolidate your knowledge.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction

  • Definition of Safeguarding
  • Why is Safeguarding Children Important?
  • Real-life Case Study

Module 2: Recognising Abuse

  • Recognising the Signs of Abuse
  • Identifying Abuse
  • Categories of Child Abuse

Module 3: Legislation

  • Children’s Rights
  • Children’s Perspective
  • Current Legislation

Module 4: Responding & Reporting

  • What to do if you are concerned child abuse is taking place.
  • Reasons a child may not disclose information
  • What to do if a child discloses abuse
  • Reporting the abuse
  • What if concerns are about fellow professionals?
  • What if you report isn’t taken seriously
  • When to record concerns and what to record

Course Evaluation

References – Accessed 11/6/18 

There is no review for this course

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